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About the Blog

This blog was originally conceived as a place to share, challenge & provoke thought, discussion and debate around perspectives on people focused change. Sometimes the writing is quite personal to my life; sometimes the writing is quite specific to my professional interests; sometimes I just write what seems to be most important in the moment. You’ll also see that I gladly host others writing, usually on a theme, and reblog great posts that I come across.

My desire was always to use this space as a place to host discussion and debate around the subjects posted. However, over time I’ve seen readers’ comments & discussion about the blog posts here shift over to other social media channels, especially Twitter. Perhaps more importantly, they’ve shifted to those real life conversations where the most meaningful dialogue happens. I think that shift is natural, meaningful and to be encouraged. So you’ll now see that the much expected comments section on blog posts here is either closed or not available.

Does that mean that I can’t comment or discuss your blog posts?

Of course not! All perspectives and comments on the blog are welcomed, providing they are not deliberately offensive. I really appreciate the time and thought you give to commenting, discussing and even debating what is written here. In return, my commitment to you is that I will always respond and engage. What medium we choose to do this is somewhat down to you…

You can find me on email, Twitter & LinkedIn very easily. You can call me. We can even arrange to meet in person!

That the comments section here on the blog is no longer available shouldn’t matter.

Contributing to the blog

If you would like to contribute to the blog I’d be delighted to hear from you! Just click hereThe spirit I intend is one of sharing practice and perspectives to create learning. Self-promotional posts and marketing “white papers” will not be accepted.

About David Goddin

Passionate about People, Performance & Potential. Amongst many other things David Goddin is a consultant, coach, facilitator & mentor with extensive experience of transforming business performance and organisational effectiveness as a Senior Executive in large organisations. As the founder and Managing Director of Change Continuum, David now works with companies and business professionals who want to increase performance, accelerate change & unleash potential.



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