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Great! Now I have guilt!

This time 8 years ago we came on holiday to Norfolk with our then 2 year son.  The holiday was wonderful but one of our biggest & fondest memories was going to Roys of Wroxham and buying him Buzz Lightyear & Woody toys.  Over the years, as in the stories, they’ve been loved & played with and passed down to our second son.

Now, the reality is that they’ve been stuck down the bottom of a box of fluffy toys for the past year or so. Ever present but largely ignored.  I’m afraid lego, Star Wars and a myriad of other toys have replaced them somewhat.

Last weekend we had a spontaneous “tidy up” of our sons bedrooms.  In parent talk, “tidy up” is a euphemism for clear out the detritus and fill a box for the charity shop so we can actually vacuum the floor.  You can see where this is going…

Everything was going great.  The kids were watching TV and I was going great guns in the youngests bedroom.  In our house, the loft is where we put those toys that we’re not quite sure whether to pass on yet.  They aren’t getting played with but maybe they’ll come back down for a 2nd lease of life.  I’d already moved a few things up there including Buzz & Woody.

I knew it was a marginal decision but I wasn’t kicking them out of the house.  In fact, I thought they may stay with us for a future generation.  When I told my wife what I’d done her face dropped – wrong decision.  I was quickly scuttled back up to the loft to retrieve both Buzz & Woody and put them back in the bedroom!

No harm had been done & we’d worked out the best thing to do, albeit driven by emotional attachment towards two inanimate outgrown toys!  No-one else knew what nearly happened.

The thing is now I have guilt, just like Rex in the original Toy story film…

I think the dialogue between Slinky and Rex is probably what my wife and I experienced!

How about you?  What are your stories of kids, toys and emotional attachments?  Does anyone else “manage out” the outgrown toys?  Would love to hear from you!


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