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I wrote a blog that I’m particularly proud of.  It was from the heart.  It was in response to prejudice & ignorance.  I had hoped it might educate.

I think the people who know me professionally would have appreciated it.  Those who know me personally would have seen me & my life in all of the words.

It will never be published.  The reason is that someone who matters to me asked me not to.

I had discussed it with them first and I’m ever so glad that they appreciated what I had written.  In asking for their opinion, I had implicitly agreed to respect their wishes if they didn’t want it published.  It was an unspoken commitment for me to keep.

So what?
I have plenty of blog drafts (don’t we all?) but this one was different…

The process of writing that unpublished blog was cathartic.  My frustration with the ignorant will dissipate.  Sometimes we need to find therapeutic ways of dealing with such things.

That blog had an audience of 1 and the best feedback I will ever have.  The joy of blogging for me is in the sharing of yourself and the conversation it creates not the number of people who read it.

When we ask for opinion or feedback we create spoken & unspoken commitments.  We ignore these at our peril and detriment.  Respecting and keeping to those commitments build stronger relationships.

Would love to hear your stories of the unpublished, the therapeutic and the  unspoken commitments we create with our blogs.


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