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Friday Wondering – Our Social Contract

Each Friday I’m posting a “Friday Wondering“. These posts are meant to explore & discuss observations or issues which I think would benefit from discussion. Participation is open to absolutely anyone regardless of their expertise or knowledge. Just bring your curiosity!
If you’d like to discuss on Twitter rather than here then why not. It would help though if you could use the #FridayWondering hashtag. Thanks!
Our Social Contract
At work we normally have a legal &/or psychological contract with those around us.  This may be imperfect or unbalanced but it’s there in some form or another.
Outside of work, we have what might be called an emotional contract with our personal relationships such as family, partners, children, friends.
So on Social Media, where we’ve not established the above relationships, what exactly is the contract with those we engage with?


One thought on “Friday Wondering – Our Social Contract

  1. Interesting exchange with @TrevorBLee over on twitter, observing that the contract is an implicit one of trust – until proven otherwise.  The accumulation of interactions either builds on this or potentially diminishes the implicit trust.I like this sentiment and I think it's how many good people operate.  What do you think? Is this the contract we have on Social Media?


    Posted by davidgoddin | February 3, 2012, 5:54 PM


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