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Friday Wondering – Where is the Reciprocal Learning?

Each Friday I’m posting a “Friday Wondering“. These posts are meant to explore & discuss observations or issues which I think would benefit from discussion. Participation is open to absolutely anyone regardless of their expertise or knowledge. Just bring your curiosity!
If you’d like to discuss on Twitter rather than here then why not. It would help though if you could use the #FridayWondering hashtag. Thanks!
Where is the Reciprocal Learning?
For all the greatness of social media, I’m struggling to find the place where the debate and learning can happen in a meaningful way…
Twitter is great for short exchanges but tends to be fleeting and short! LinkedIn, when you can avoid the spam, is troubled by “know it alls” – it’s hard to find real learning exchanges. Blogs & their comments tend to add something but also tend to stop with the comment made.

So here’s today’s #FridayWondering…

Where is the reciprocal learning on Social Media happening?
Why don’t blog comments turn into discussions & debates?
How do you create the space for meaningful questioning, challenge, contribution, sharing and reciprocal learning?


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