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HR – Saviour of the Universe

It feels like nearly every week I see a blog post, discussion or tweet about how HR are going to be the saviours of the working world… how HR will revolutionise & humanise the workplace… how HR are going to save the universe…

Similarly, there’s a constant stream of conversation about HR becoming more strategic & commercially focused; gaining a seat at the table…

Perhaps they are laudable aspirations but sometimes it just feels a bit like a Flash Gordon plotMing the Merciless is going to destroy us but Gordon will be our saviour!

Maybe it’s a generational thing but surely corny 80’s fantasy film plots and Queen songs weren’t this influential?!?

Role Model Reality

Every great HR professional I work with just gets stuck in and makes the difference. There’s no running around after the “shiny-shiny”. There’s no quantum leap to their blue sky thinking.

They earn their respect and place in the organisation through their actions and their quality of thinking.

Sometimes they are innovators. Sometimes early adopters. Being an aspirational thought leader is not as important as being a good leader.

They are trusted advisors and role models.

When they can’t make a difference, they move on. They have purpose.

That’s my experience; my reality. What’s yours?

The Blessed Effect

In the spirit of being lighthearted but serious this post has to be concluded with a very short clip of the quite wonderful Brian Blessed.  Perhaps HR could sometimes do with a bit more of him instead!


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