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You did it! Right?

Great weekend?  Fabulous!  Last week was busy wasn’t it & I’m sure this week will be too.
You read Friday’s post here didn’t you?  Great!
So you had that phone call… You emailed some folk to arrange to talk… You committed those fantastic plans to paper and shared them… Yes?  Great!  How did it feel?
Oh I’m sorry…  You didn’t have time?  You didn’t read the post?  Nothing happened last week worth sharing?  Really?
You’re better than that I’m sure.  Have another think…
What made last week stand out?  What can you take from last week and do something with this week?  Who are you going to tell about it?
Before the tide of this week washes you into Friday, find the energy to do something with whatever last week washed up on the beach. If it’s elusive and you can’t find it, reach out and ask for the help of a friend to do a bit of beachcoming.
If you’re not quite ready yet then watch this video and find your story for tomorrow.
Thanks to @KingfisherCoach & @Brainpicker for sharing this video.


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