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Purposeful Fun

Have you been following the recent series of guest blogs over at Trainers Kit Bag about “The best learning experience I ever had…“? If not, do take a look, there’s some great posts and even a contribution from me!
Reading through these diverse experiences I’m struck by a common theme. Purposeful fun. It’s not a phrase you come across that much in corporate life is it? Why is that?

Purpose + Fun = Memorable Learning

Initially, I wondered if perhaps the format of the blog series elicited a common theme… perhaps we all want to relay stories that are readable as well as meaningful to us so we tend to describe purpose and fun in the stories we like to tell…
Yet if I think about when I am most motivated it’s when I’m acting with purpose and I’m enjoying it – having fun. When I think about the great teams I’ve worked with, both purpose & fun were key.
Beyond myself, if I look at my kids, they learn best when they are motivated, acting with purpose and having fun. It might be a creative history project, role play at school or even a weekend game of monopoly! For them purpose & fun creates learning.
I also recall Jon Bartlett writing over on his blog about “Acting on Purpose” and how memorable it is for us to experience others who have that heady combination of purpose & fun.
Similarly, I was lucky enough to hear Sukh Pabial talk recently about Positive Psychology, describing the fulfilment we can achieve when we look at different levels of purpose in our lives.
When we have purpose and fun we create memorable learning.  It feels right. 

What do you think?

Creating Purposeful Fun

So you may be aware that we’ve been using the “Property Trading Game” in our work. We’re finding it to be a brilliant way to observe and develop both teams and individuals whilst engaged in purposeful fun. It’s also hugely enjoyable to facilitate!
You can read more about it’s impact, learning & reflections on these Trainers Kit Bag blogs here and here – be sure to read the comments on that last one!

For more participant perspectives then this post from Kate Griffiths-Lambeth “Winning Ways” is great. I  also wrote a “mini-series” here.

Funnily the photos and memory of our experiences “in the street” from last year still make me smile – purposeful fun at work again creating memorable learning!

Want some Purposeful Fun?

If the above has piqued your interest, then I think this could be right up your street…

We’ve partnered with Doug Shaw at What Goes Around and the folks at Trainers Kit Bag to create a Property Trading Game ” Open Day on September 12th this year.

Working in teams you’ll experience a day of networking, learning and purposeful fun where you can experience the “Property Trading Game ” as a participant. Then enjoy dinner with us as we reflect and digest both the food and the day! For a modest sum we think you’ll enjoy some purposeful fun, memorable learning and an opportunity to see what the “Property Trading Game” can do for individuals, teams and organisations.
If that sounds interesting and you’d like more information or to chat, then please contact me – I’d love to hear from you!
If you are “game on” and need nothing further then excellent – please book your place(s) HERE!


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