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It’s been quite an extraordinary few weeks here on the blog with our series of guest posts on “Positive Practices in Coaching & Mentoring”. In case you’ve missed any of them here’s a quick run down of each…

“Coach and Coachee: A Dance of Magnificence” by Clare Manning

Clare launched the series with a lovely reflective post examining how our regard for our clients makes a difference. Her post describes an approach she uses and its impact “where you actively hold your clients magnificence in your mind while working with them”.

“It is ALL about the client” by Ian Pettigrew

In our second guest post, Ian shares his experiences and learnings as a coach. His emphasis on flexibility and humility in service to the client is well said and is certainly applicable beyond the world of coaching & mentoring.

“Developing my Practice and Staying Sharp!” by Julie Drybrough

Julies post shares her journey as a coach and how she expanded her coaching abilities and professional practice.  I won’t spoil the ending for you but its message is something we all need to pay attention to!

“It’s getting on my wick!” by Kevin Wyke

We all like to have a whinge or moan now and then don’t we?  The process of sharing negativity can be cathartic.  Kevin perfectly contrasts our natural behaviours with his practices of sharing his positivity whilst working with clients.

“Coaching – formalise your programme or just be brilliant at it?” by Perry Timms

Perry’s post gives a sense of the both his passion and the power to be gained from the practical application of informal coaching. Perry might have positioned his 7 Steps as his theory, yet its resonance with other coaches I think shows it to be more than that!

“Offering unconditional positive regard” by Meg Peppin

Megs post beautifully deconstructed her own practice recognising the impact of receiving unconditional acceptance from others. I love the way she then illustrates how she has incorporated this into her own practice as a coach.

We’re not quite done…

We’ve a few more guest posts lining up for you over the coming days but would be delighted to receive any further submissions.

You don’t have to be an experienced coach or mentor. Your experience to share may not even have been recent.  You can post anonymously if you wish.

Just get in touch by email or on Twitter and we’ll work with you to help share your perspectives and experiences.

Don’t forget!

As part of this series we have 2 tickets to give away for the “Positive Psychology in Application” event on August 17th in London.

These will be given to the two most inspiring guest posts written and published here before Friday 10th August. Winners will be informed on Friday 10th August. In case you are not able to attend, the winners may choose to “gift” their prize to someone who would benefit and can commit to being at the event.

Of course any posts published after Friday 10th August won’t receive such a prize but we hope to give you a great blogging experience anyway!


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