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A Social Learning Masterclass

Today I was at the Positive Psychology in Application event (#PPIA) run by Sukh Pabial. Sukh has already shared very generously lots of information on Positive Psychology on his blog so I won’t try to write about the subject matter as such.  Do look out for blogs from #PPIA especially from the event bloggers @martincouzins & @mervyndinnen.

Instead, let me share some other learning from today…

Probably the same as you, I’ve been to a fair few training courses, learning events, network meetings, conferences, unconferences… Often there’s a feeling of connection with a few people you meet.

Imagine what it would be like if you had that feeling not just with every person you spoke to but* every person in the room.  Imagine if every conversation you had generated new thinking for you and for others.  Imagine if the Q&A sessions created increasing clarity & connection, never discord.

Would be pretty amazing wouldn’t it?  You’d probably be very glad you’d got so much from the £100’s you’d given to the organisers.  Has it ever happened to you?

Well today I think it happened at #PPIA.  I think it was a Social Learning Masterclass.  Here’s why :

  1. Everyone was truly interested in the subject matter and actively chose to be there, to invest in their own learning as a group.
  2. Delivery used a blend of pecha kucha, presentation, Q&A, world cafe, posters and open discussion to engage all supported by a host who was already recognised as being expert.
  3. The group had a social foundation with many of us being recognised through our twitter presence, blogs or connections in the room, though many had never met face to face before.

Three good things for other learning event organisers to start looking at don’t you think?**

Enjoy your weekend!

*PPIA gave great advice on using “and” instead of “but”.  I agree and promote the practice but* will continue to using strategically placed “buts” for effect.
** Sorry I couldn’t help myself to drop in some Positive Psychology practices!
***This was going to be a post on change resistance but it’s not… that can come later.  This is a post about the power of people to learn together.  Much better for a Friday I think!


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