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HR or Resourceful Humans?

Employee Relations, Personnel, Human Resources, Human Capital Management? All names that will provoke or evoke…

Perhaps we could change to the latest zeitgeist… do we have SoMeHR yet? I’m sure there’ll be some nice, lucrative gigs on the speaking and book writing circuits… Yet there’ll still be fans & critics as there has been for every incarnation of HR to date.

Let’s stop looking to try to redefine the function that is Human Resources. Forget the organisational labels just a little – they’ll come & go.

Let’s focus on being Resourceful Humans instead. After all it’s what really defines you!


2 thoughts on “HR or Resourceful Humans?

  1. I like the notion of Resourceful Humans – it reeks of possibility. It’s no surprise we call ourselves human BEINGS. It’s finding the nerve to truly BE who we are that really makes us resourceful.


    Posted by Paul Cummings | October 15, 2012, 9:37 AM


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