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This is a great post exploring what we mean by ethics and how it shapes our behaviours.

In the organisational context, there’s a clear message here in terms of leadership but I also think this makes great reading for any employee. Yet it’s an area of learning that I rarely see raised in the development of employees below the senior leadership level…

Ethics are ever present and formative. So what stops companies putting greater focus into sharing such learning more broadly within their organisation?

In terms of social media, I wrote on “Twitterethics” nearly a year ago which is related and to which I’d welcome further views & thoughts.

Leading in Context

100 Trends to Watch for 2013

By Linda Fisher Thornton

“Ethics” Means Acting Beyond Self-Interest

Ethics is fundamentally about acting beyond our own self-interests. Can we be ethical without considering others and acting in ways that benefit them? Here are some interesting questions and quotes on the subject.

As you read, think about the business leader’s responsibility to act beyond the interests of the business and beyond personal gain.

Questions About Ethics, Ego and Acting Out of Concern for Others

1. Is ethics moving beyond the ego to show concern for others?

“While egoism may be a strong motivator of human behavior, ethics traditionally assumes that human beings are also capable of acting from a concern for others that is not derived from a concern for their own welfare.”

“The moral point of view goes beyond self-interest to a standpoint that takes everyone’s interests into account. Ethics, then, assumes that self interest is not the basis for…

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