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Diverse Coaching & Mentoring

Recently Sean Kent guest posted here raising the question of “Is there room for sexuality in coaching and mentoring?“. That post has led to some great personal reflection for myself and others.

It also led to a very interesting exchange on twitter with Clare McGregor who elaborated on her work at Her Majesty’s Prison Styal. You can read more on their work and the tales of prisoners, coaches and others in Styal here.

There’s such diversity in coaching & mentoring. I think there’s great value in raising awareness of this diversity both to celebrate and to reflect on the learning it brings.

An Invitation to Blog

I’m going to run a series of guest posts on “Diverse Coaching & Mentoring” during March exploring, challenging, celebrating and raising awareness of diverse perspectives and applications of coaching & mentoring.

Do you have experiences of coaching & mentoring that you’d like to share?

Well, here’s your opportunity. What I intend to provide is a space here to host your stories &/or perspectives that :-

    • demonstrate the diverse use of coaching & mentoring; or
    • show how coaching & mentoring can be used to support diversity & inclusion; or
    • raise awareness of diverse perspectives on coaching & mentoring.

The spirit I intend is one of sharing practice and perspectives to create learning.

Celebration is welcome. Sharing practice is welcome. Critical perspectives are welcome.

You don’t have to be a ‘coach’ or ‘mentor’ to share your views and stories on “Diverse Coaching & Mentoring“. Anyone with any experience of coaching or mentoring to share can write here… Perhaps you’ve been a recipient… Perhaps you’ve seen the impact on a friend, colleague or family member… Perhaps you’ve commissioned coaching &/or mentoring… Perhaps you are training as a coach or mentor…

What next?

Do you have something you’d like to share? Great! Just leave a comment below or contact me by email here or on Twitter (@ChangeContinuum).

As general guidance for guest blogging please note my own blogging ‘policy‘ and the following :

    • Your post needs to fit in with the spirit of “Diverse Coaching & Mentoring“.
    • You don’t need to be a “coach” or “mentor” by title – anyone with any experience of coaching or mentoring to share can write here.
    • Your experience doesn’t need to have been recent – any practice that has worked or left a lasting effect can be shared here.
    • You choose how much to write and how much to share – quality is much more important to me than quantity.
    • If you desire or require anonymity then that’s OK.  If you want to write more than one post that’s fine too.

Look forward to hearing from you!


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