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Does Love Have a Role in the Workplace?

What a great question and topic to explore. Perhaps more strikingly, I wonder what it is that has stopped us from having these conversations at work? I love how Anthony has responded with deeper enquiry and reflection.

So at the end of your working week why not take a read and perhaps reflect on your own thoughts about the role of what we call “Love” in the workplace.

Joining The Dots

I went to a lunch time seminar a while ago. We ate nice food and discussed some fairly arcane topics.  One was, “Does love have a role in the workplace?”.  At first I thought that was a weird one.

The group was a mix from business and the public sector. It also included a smattering of people from around Europe.

Many thought love not an appropriate concept for the world of work, to summarise, asserting that business is rational while love is emotional. The question was greeted with amazement by many. In particular, those for whom English was a second language, albeit a really strong one, associated love simply with family ties, romance and so on. The answer was easy to this group, an incredulous and resounding, “No!”.

Others argued that it does have a place at work if you understand the numerous subtle nuances of a word so complex…

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