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Keep on dreaming

The joy of being a parent is the wonderment that your children provide. There’s nothing quite as special as when they touch you with their own unique and incisive view on the world; when they teach you what it is to be human.

My son Eoin wrote this piece below which has now been published in an anthology of children’s poetry. Poignant given this is his last month of being 11, it’s also a good reminder to all of us to keep our dreams alive.

I’m very proud of him and thankful that he shared his inner voice. I hope you enjoy it.

On Turning Twelve


2 thoughts on “Keep on dreaming

  1. David, that is truly incredible. You are right to be so proud of him. He has a real talent there.


    Posted by Sean Kent (@seanmkent) | May 17, 2013, 8:58 PM


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