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Music and change

A lovely story about change and how people react!

101 Half Connected Things

Over a decade ago I was starting my career in HR. I was so far down on the organisation chart you probably had to turn it over to find me.

I was working in an office with lovely people but, nevertheless, it was pretty sterile. I spent as much time away from my desk as possible. I needed interaction and activity. I wasn’t getting any.

I asked my boss at the time if I could play some music in the office. He was a lovely guy, but couldn’t do conflict.

‘can I play some music please?’
‘we don’t really do that’
‘that’s why I’m asking’
‘it’s not really been something we do’
‘you can’t block change simply because it isn’t what existed before. Are you pro slavery?’
‘no, and I don’t think that’s a f… ‘
‘excellent, I’ll go and get the speakers that training use’

The next stop was…

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