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Ceteris paribus

All other things being equal… Perhaps a useful statement for a theoretical economic model but surely that’s where it stops… Where else do we consider the effect of some causes in isolation, by assuming that other influences are absent?

Well how about those annual performance appraisals many organisations are looking at right now? When you look at the annual appraisal process does it look & feel a bit like a theoretical model is being imposed upon you? Has it always looked & felt this way? For many organisations this is still the case…

It’s an issue of fundamentals. It effects the whole organisation. It’s about leadership & engagement.

Do you see this too? Are you stuck with a theoretical model that you know doesn’t work well?

The good news is that you can make a difference without waiting for the whole organisation. In fact, you must not wait for the whole organisation to change. You can work with fundamentals, straight away. You can use your authentic leadership & create engagement. You can change the continuum of performance appraisals. You know this deep down already.

So what do you need to do to change?


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