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Lead to Change, Change to Lead

There’s lots I can & often do say about leadership but at its most fundamental my philosophy is that leadership creates change…

We lead to change. If you aren’t creating change then you aren’t leading.

It’s possibly not something you’ve thought about… and that’s OK. Just because you haven’t thought about leadership in this way doesn’t mean that you can’t.

So what change are you creating? How do you envisage, lead and execute change in a manner that engages, embeds and sustains change over time?

It’s a big question & I think worthy of our constant attention. Which brings me to my philosophy on leadership development…

We change to lead. If you aren’t changing then you’re not developing your leadership.

Being a leader is a journey, not a qualification. It requires us to look at ourselves frequently to see how we need to change & develop ourselves. We may have company, role models & support along the way but it is always a journey. The moment we stop developing our leadership is quite possibly the moment we stop leading…

So what journeys are you choosing to change & develop yourself? What change are you creating in your own learning & leadership?

We can all be leaders. The question is are you creating the change you need to?


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