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Change Balance

If you know me you probably know how passionate I am about Change Leadership. Given that so many organisations struggle to land change well, a focus on this broad multi-faceted form of leadership would seem to be well overdue.

We need leaders & leaderships groups with the capability to envisage, lead and execute change in a manner that engages, embeds and sustains change over time. We need Change Leaders.

Yet I feel a need to defend what is becoming an oft maligned practice – Change Management. Recently, it seems like Change Management has been getting a bit of a hard time. Given my views on Change Leadership I have a degree of sympathy…

Change Management practices focus principally on the execution of change – “the what“. Although there is often a focus on benefit realisation, adaptation and sustainability can suffer from the often more mechanistic nature of managing change rather than leading change. So I’ll be the first to say that too many organisations & leaders have tried to “implement” change using mechanistic management approaches.

Perhaps, the biggest mistake in adopting such approaches is that they miss “the how” & “the why” of change. This is the opportunity for the insight, engagement and leadership of Change Leaders. Yet if we’re to be successful in landing change in a way that engages and is successful then we do also need Change Management. Planning & managing change is not enough to succeed but without it you risk failure too!

So I’d like to encourage some balance and understanding of the value & purpose of both Change Management & Change Leadership.

Change Management is not bad. It’s not Change Leadership but there’s a continuing and valued need for Change Management expertise to support the planning & execution of change.

Change Leadership is a broad multi-faceted form of leadership that we need to develop in organisations. We need more Change Leaders.

Always, let’s make sure we keep the right balance in the change that we want to create.


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