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My open letter to Audrey

A lovely, reflective post about change and coaching from Janine Baillie Stewart.

Blogging about Life

It is easy to get caught up with things.

At the end of last year I started some virtual coaching with Audrey. I have not yet met Audrey but I wanted to work through some things, and one thing in particular.

Work-Life balance.

Being a single mom and passionate about the work I do, it is very easy for me to slip into giving most of my time towards working. After all, besides loving my job, it also pays the bills and affords me the opportunity to travel with my girls.

During our second session together Audrey gave me an exercise to do and I was required give her feedback at the following session.

For the exercise I needed to make a note of how much time I was spending on myself each week. “On myself ” meant only me – not my children, not friends, not work. Me!


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