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Take the transformational and corrupt it into the transactional. Sell wide and thin. Relationships are a numbers game. Work with anyone who is buying. A bit here, a bit there. Screw the client need, forget the client wallet. Sell billable days. Increase rates whenever possible. Protect IP like it was your last breath. Speak, network, sell, repeat. Speak, network, sell, repeat. Speak, network, sell, repeat….

Stop. Listen.

Can you hear the drone? The trapped cycles of the machine at work? The sound of the tail of misled ambition wagging this misconceived mechanical dog?

But look at the competition! Keep doing  more. Outpace them. Run faster. SPEAK, NETWORK, SELL, REPEAT!

The most successful players of the game dominate and thrive. Size matters. They grow, acquire, float. Proof that the winners know best. Riches surplant richness. The rich few become richer. The rest survive or don’t…

How wrong can the drone of so many be?


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