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We all have needs, don’t we? The problem is that we don’t really say enough about what we need. What might show instead could be bravado, promotion, consideration, connection, silence, rejection…

Maybe those are peoples needs? I really doubt it. They are more likely the manifestations of unspoken needs.

So what are those needs? How do they matter? What could we do to help?

You see, I think that if I knew your real needs then I might be able to help in some small way. I think others might be able to help in many greater ways. Perhaps most of all, more people might understand you & what you are about even more clearly.

That would be better than the alternatives wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t it have more potential? Couldn’t it be a better way to fulfil those needs?

It would be a bold step for some perhaps. A no-brainer for others I’m sure.

The question is what do you really have to lose by sharing your needs openly?


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