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I’m special as myself

This is a very special blog post for me for a number of reasons…

  • It’s not written by me but by my youngest son aged 10.
  • He’s written it in support of #HemiplegiaAwarenessWeek which the lovely folks at @HemiHelp organise each year.
  • Its simple message is full of both reality and appreciation.
  • It’s the 200th post on the blog.

Each weekend I sit & watch my son and his team (see below) train & play getting ready for the U15 Junior League fixtures. Seeing these young kids develop and progress is utterly inspiring. The coaching and training is excellent. They’re becoming a tight team, communicating & playing the ball fast. They aren’t disabled. They’re brilliantly able.

I hope you enjoy his post.

I’m special as myself

Hi. I have right sided Hemiplegia. That means that I have some damage to my brain, probably due to a stroke when I was being born.

I know that having Hemiplegia can affect people in lots of different ways. Sometimes people don’t realise which is a bad thing because they don’t understand that somethings are harder…

– You can’t pick things up as well with your weaker hand and you can’t throw as well.

– You can’t write as well.

– You can’t run as well or at all.

But I’ve also found that there are some cool things to having Hemiplegia…

+ You can play great sports such as wheelchair basketball.

+ You can feel special.

+You also know that you are not the only one.

If I was able to choose whether I could get rid of my Hemiplegia I would say no because I’m special as myself.



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