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‘O’ Team Ventures is here !

Fascinating insight into the future potential of Learning & Development, both the people and the practice!

Kevin Sait

Building on the Wymondham High ‘O’ Team’s first year of activity, we are about to launch our first commercial venture.   Using the schools Microsoft IT Academy status the team are putting the finishing touches to creating our own IT training business.

Wytraining  (the Wy comes from the Wymondham part) has been created by working with students to create a viable business plan, students have been involved in all aspects including the design of marketing materials for the new business.    We have been working hard to create a pleasant training venue within the school, with the aims of delivering top quality  IT  training for students, staff, local community, schools and business throughout East Anglia.

‘O’ Team members have been practising presenting skills on some of our in house training courses such as OneNote, OneNote ClassNotebook, Office Mix, and even building Minecraft servers!.  This has proved invaluable to teach the training team…

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