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We are people

Copyright James Cridland Provided under Creative Commons Licence.

Copyright James Cridland
Provided under Creative Commons Licence.

We are people, resourceful humans, not “Human Resources”.
We were born creative, imaginative and innovative.
Be the wise & caring human that you always were.

We are the media, not the journalists, not the cyber channels.
We are the meaning makers.
Be curious. Seek your truths. Change your minds.

We are the experts, not the “sages on the stages”.
We are the story of our lives.
Be your fascinating self. Cherish it. Share it.


We are the leaders and visionaries, not the “thought leaders”.
We make the difference.
Be the leader you can be. Show your vision. Create potential.


Know us by our curiosity, by our fascination, by our potential.


We are not an index. We are not a commodity. We are people.


This post had been germinating in my mind overnight but two blog posts that I read today managed to tip it on to the page. They are :

Humanity is a brand” by Neil Usher (@workessence)
How do we tell the story of our lives and learning?” by Andrew Jacobs (@andrewjacobsld)

I recommend you go read their writing.


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