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Where are the camp fires & cave paintings?


Where now is that connection across the bright flames? The rituals of feeding in the firewood. Of stoking embers. Our faces towards each other. The dark behind us. The firmament overhead. That shared endeavour to sustain our bodies, together. Those smokey traces left in the morning air remembering our last connection together.

Where are the camp fires now?

Where now are our paintings on the cave wall? Marking our simple existence, simply and powerfully. Telling the stories of our lives. Sharing our experiences. The dark behind us. The torch overhead. That shared endeavour to sustain our souls, forever. Those colourful traces left on the rock of this planet remembering our lives together.

Where are the cave paintings now?


We live in this modern world (did we ever not?) where digital rules our digits, now.

We live as the sophisticated, the smart, the enlightened.

We’ve left the dark behind us.


And in the process what have we lost? What have we forgotten that we should never have forgot?

The fundamentals of connection and trust?

The value of endeavour & labour to nurture both our souls & bodies?

The legacy we can leave behind for others, not ourselves?


Perhaps we need to find the dark again. Perhaps then we’ll make again our camp fires and cave paintings.


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