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Coaching Journeys #coachingjourneys

Friday last week was a very cold start (-4C) but the sun was shining bright so I took Basil to the woods for his morning walk. The sun was burning bright but the frost was very heavy in the woods. The combination of the two was quite magical.

It inspired me to share some of the beauty of the morning on Twitter. As I took the first photo it made me think of my coaching work and I knew I wanted to use my journey through the woods as a way to share the experience of a coaching journey.

Much of what I shared was in flow. It was surprising (and expected!) to find so much inspiration was at hand. I loved the whole experience and the exploration that came with it. There was something quite relaxing but also very focussed about using this process. A useful combination to bear in mind for the future.

I’ve always seen coaching as a journey hence the #coachingjourneys tag. Hopefully my series of 14 tweets collected below helps share that sense of a journey. I hope it also gives you a sense of my coaching practice both inside and outside the corporate settings I work in.

As always, give me a shout if you want to chat about the experience or about the coaching work that I do. If you want to use the comments box below, please do!


3 thoughts on “Coaching Journeys #coachingjourneys

  1. This is a lovely post David. For what it’s worth I think all the greatest journeys start with a really intelligent question. Spending time figuring out what that question really needs to be is a journey in itself.


    Posted by simonheath1 | January 26, 2015, 4:08 PM


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