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Go find your skylarks

I’ve spent literally 100s of days walking this field.

I’ve seen every season, every weather, every time of day.

I’ve seen deer, foxes, owls, hawks, winter migrant birds.

I’ve walked through the high grass midsummer and trudged through the snow midwinter.

I’ve taken shelter under the oaks and hedges when the skies have opened.

I’ve lain hidden in grass when the vast skies were full of heat and the ground was dry.

The dogs have been my constant companions – in fact I wouldn’t have had 100s of days in this field without them!

I can’t meaningfully share with you lots of photos or videos to illustrate this place. They won’t truly capture being present in this field, noticing, breathing. Perhaps more than anything, I can’t share with you the constant calls and antics of the skylarks.  They are a true joy – constantly uplifting.

All I can say is go find your “field”. Spend good time breathing, noticing and being present. Relish the richness of walking somewhere stimulating… repeatedly… often. Keep building those subtle skills of noticing the small but definite changes around you. Appreciate the value of walking with a purpose or just where the energy takes you.

Most of all though, go find your skylarks and be uplifted.

I suspect you and your work will be better for it.


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