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The currency of you

You may not realise it but we all carry a unique coin. For all its use we’ll never spend it, lose it or give it away.

It was minted by ourselves, with the help of others. Over time we’ve dented and tarnished that coin only to make it slightly more unique, a bit more in our likeness.

On one side this coin states “Not good enough”. On the other it simply says “Not good enough yet”.

You may not know it but you always carry that coin with one side showing more than the other.

If you show more of the side that states “Not good enough” you create a deception. You think of what you can’t do without sound reason. You focus not on what matters but on what is not. It’s a false path. Perhaps call it “tails” as it only looks back.

If you show more of the side that simply says “Not good enough yet” you create a new reality. You believe in what you can do with endeavour. You focus on what matters & what you want to be. It’s a path with potential. Perhaps call it “heads” as it can only show the true you.

Your coin will move about and flip sides from time to time. That is just the way of things, for all people.

Heads or tails? I wouldn’t leave something that important to chance. Instead I’d recommend you become more conscious of that unique coin, which way it is facing and which way you want it to face.

Trust me, with practice such effort becomes less and more rewarding. Isn’t that what you’d expect from the currency of you?


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