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The Silent Performance

Silent Performance

I’m sat across from my client and the silence is waiting.

We begin and the client speaks, settling in and starting to share what is important to them; what is important right here, right now. The silence is waiting for me to perform.

The client stops speaking and listens; their own words and thoughts echoing, changing, moving. The silence is still waiting for me to do something visible… tangible… important…

Things have shifted; moved on. The client starts speaking again, opening up further, reflecting ever more on what they truly think, what they truly want to do. Still the silence is ever waiting for me.

Yet the client isn’t watching, waiting for me. They are deep into what matters to them. They know I’m already here with them not being anything other than me.

My role here is to help them to be heard, to think, to reflect, to be challenged and for them to perform, all in the pursuit of change.

Although I speak, it’s my silent performance that helps them shift. That’s what the client wants – that shift.

The space we create for that is what the client values. That’s how we create change together.


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