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How do you shape up as “Manager as Coach” ?

Coaching is now very much an essential skill set for all leader-managers. Although it can help hugely, you don’t necessarily need to have a qualification, certificate or formal training to use your coaching skills. However, you do need both an understanding of what it means to coach others and the intent to use that skill set in your role as leader-manager.

Without the ability you can’t coach…

Without the intent you won’t coach…

Without either you possibly need to question your ability to lead and manage others.

A useful model

I think it’s important to think about how you (& others) shape up as “Manager as Coach”. It’s remarkably easy to just assume that you are effectively coaching the team as the leader-manager.

Essentially, effectiveness is in the coaching experience but that experience is created through ability and intent. The combination of these provides you with a simple model for thinking about yourself or others in the organisation…

Assessing Coaching Competency

To test for ability to use coaching skills I believe that you should be informed and practiced enough to be able to answer positively and knowingly the following questions…

Do you understand how coaching provides a powerful and supportive learning experience?

Are you practiced in coaching others and creating such experiences based on that understanding?

Do others recognise being coached by you as creating a powerful & supportive learning experience?

To test for intent to use coaching skills I believe that you should be informed and practiced enough to be able to answer positively and knowingly the following questions…

Do you have a desire to apply the principles and practices of coaching to develop and empower others?

Are you actively trying to coach others using these principles?

Are you actively learning about how you can be a better coach?

The following will help you test yourself further and think about what support and development you may find beneficial…

Coach Competency Development

So how do you shape up? What do you need to do to effectively coach as a leader-manager?


2 thoughts on “How do you shape up as “Manager as Coach” ?

  1. Such a key skill! And often such a hard skill; a big shift away from many learned beliefs and behaviours. I’d not seen those diagnostics before, thanks for sharing. I’d offer that open questions in the ‘assessment of ability / intent’ section could have a greater impact for your readers and model the difference coaching can make.


    Posted by Helen Amery | May 7, 2015, 6:40 AM
    • Thanks Helen. Over time I’ve given quite a bit of thought to the closed questions in the assessment. Where I’ve come to is that the provocation & challenge to answer one of two ways is I believe more useful to self-assessment here than open questions. I’m also quite deliberate in framing the question around “knowingly”. Of course if you are able to facilitate and open up that discussion then open questions could be a useful way to explore.
      In coaching (& elsewhere) I think we should become really comfy with purposefully and knowingly using closed questions to good effect if we think it’s in service to the client.

      Liked by 1 person

      Posted by David Goddin | May 7, 2015, 7:06 AM


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