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Serendipity – the Leadership challenge

I’ve written before about serendipity and I strongly believe it’s where we find the opportunity to make a greater difference. Yet in this modern, social world we find the need to create levels of order to cope with the volume and chaos…

We use lists to manage our Twitter stream; connect only to those we already trust on LinkedIn; restrict Facebook to our friends/family/interests… I generalise but you know what I mean. We structure to manage.

In all of this how do we cultivate the opportunities for serendipity to present itself?

I don’t think our “known” networks are enough, especially if we constrain them with structure. So I keep coming back to the need for both structure & unstructure in our lives.

Structure to help us manage and unstructure to help us expand.

If that resonates then you’ll know what to do to balance your social media networks to provide some serendipity. As a resourceful human I’m sure you can also find ways to do so offline too.

Here’s the challenge though…

Serendipity allows humans to make a greater difference. So, as a leader, how can you nurture serendipity for others? How can you help others find serendipitious moments?

Lots of possibilities come to mind…

The real leadership challenge is of course are you thinking about it and making a greater difference?


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