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Doing the right thing by them

Tony Jackson recently wrote here inviting people to share (blog) about their bravest moments in facilitation and other learning & development (or HR) interventions. It’s an important facet of my work and I want to encourage others to do the right thing. If that means facing into your fear or the perceived fear of others then that will often prove to be powerful and transformational.

However, if you choose not to be brave or courageous when it’s needed then I’m not sure there is a place for you in the transformational spaces that can be described as HR and L&D. Having a position where you can impact the lives of people needs compassion and also strength. Shying away from what is right and what is wrong is not useful.

So when I think about the breakthroughs that we achieve when we are brave, my thoughts are dominated with the bravery and courage of my clients…

…who admitted that they were wrong.

…who confronted others with how they were wrong.

…who pushed on even though others would have faltered and stopped.

…who shared their lives, fears and aspirations.

…who resigned because their values clashed with their organisations’ values.

…who spoke honestly to their loved ones.

…who made the change that mattered most.

…who made themselves vulnerable.

Those were moments of bravery and courage that I was able to support.

So I want to encourage your attention towards how can you help others to be brave and courageous. How can you nurture the environment, conversations and thinking that allows others to…

  • speak their truth knowing it could be invaluable
  • hold their tongue to allow others to speak their truths
  • be the leader that they truly are
  • share and work with the things that interfere with their performance
  • realise that their thinking is what is getting in the way
  • say enough is enough
  • hold themselves to account
  • role model the culture they want to create
  • recognise that our failures are worth talking about
  • ask for help
  • help others do what feels like being brave
  • give others the courage to do what is needed

When we help others take those steps and work with it, I believe we think of it as doing the right thing by them. If others think us brave or courageous then I’m sure we have the grace to accept their compliments.



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