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Norfolk skies


All these places with spaces that people need to fill with the mass makings of others wanting the means to fill their spaces with the makings of others…

Will the serpent never stop eating it’s own tail?

Sustained by that which we can never truly consume, the currency of money fuels the serpent. By nature always current, always present, always there, the liquidity of a never ending stream.

Useful. Aspirational. Unstoppable.

Is it little wonder the serpent does what it does?

Find that space…

Norfolk skies as far as you can see. That special place and interface between giving land, endless sea and the firmament above. Not rose tinted romance but still evocative, giving, free to consume until your appetite is satiated. A true romance of the soul.

Sustained by forces bigger than ourselves yet still giving if you choose to let it give to you. By nature always current, always present, always there. Constantly ebbing, flowing, shifting, changing, returning.

Valuable. Inspirational. Perpetual.

Where do you need to be?


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