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Sharing and challenging?

This week, I’ve blogged on a range of professional interests…

Valued or Harmful Challenge? – looking at what it takes to create meaningful challenge;

Rapport and chemistry in Coaching? – challenging perceptions of rapport in coaching;

Reverse Mentoring – backwards thinking? – challenging issues of power, language and application in mentoring;

Context in Exploration – looking at how we think of and explore learning pathways

I’ve found it to be a useful process to explore, challenge and describe what I’m seeing…

What have you been sharing and challenging, online or offline?

About David Goddin

Passionate about People, Performance & Potential. Amongst many other things David Goddin is a consultant, coach, facilitator & mentor with extensive experience of transforming business performance and organisational effectiveness as a Senior Executive in large organisations. As the founder and Managing Director of Change Continuum, David now works with companies and business professionals who want to increase performance, accelerate change & unleash potential.


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