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We all deserve to be heard


I believe we all deserve to be heard, especially by ourselves. You know, that moment when you speak something and realise…

…just how fundamentally important that statement is to you; or

…just how wrong you’ve been about the thinking you’ve been holding tight; or

…just what that feeling you’ve been carrying with you is all about; or

…just how blind you’ve been to that new perspective; or

…just how much sense all that feedback makes now; or

…just what question you now need to ask; or

…just what you truly need to speak next.

Some call it an aha moment. Sometimes it is that. Sometimes I think it feels more like an important component clicking into place. Sometimes I think it feels more like a new focus has been found and the zoom button has been pressed quite firmly.

Those moments of self examination, self questioning even, allow us to move on past things we often don’t quite realise have been stopping us. They’ve been sitting there just on the periphery of our sight but just not quite where we can focus on them clearly. Shifting that focus deliberately, or perhaps not deliberately, brings them from the edges of our consciousness into plain sight.

Often that’s all we need to move on towards being the best version of ourselves.

More than anything that’s why we all deserve to be heard.

That’s why I do the work that I do.


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