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My career so far has been eclectic and rewarding.

I’ve cut roses in the desert.
I’ve taught English to the mafia.
I’ve cleaned the carpets of sheikhs.
I’ve even paid Madonna for her music.

Eight years ago today I accidentally left my job as a COO in a large international bank. There was some deliberateness about it in the end of course but I had never intended to leave. Corporate actions never really support career planning do they?

Roll forward 8 interesting years and last night I’m listening again to Lord Richard Wilson share his insights & delicious wit. I’m talking to a brilliant undergraduate about careers and the meaning of life and learning just as much as them. I’m celebrating with friends and strangers talking about organisational dynamics and leadership.

In none of this am I special except as a unique human. Life is just very special.

Choices take us to the most unexpected and interesting places. Relationships open up worlds we never imagined. The company of good people help you like nothing else.

So if after 8 years of doing what I do I, if I have any insight to share it’s simply this…

Make choices. Take chances. Always hope to do good. Seek great relationships but also let great relationships find you. Perhaps above all else make sure you enjoy the ride!


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