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Calling time

So I’m calling it. January has by and large sucked. Friends and family have said the same. Lots of different reasons but a disturbance in the force if not just a general ennui. Maybe it’s been quite different for you and if so then good for you. Genuinely.

For me, I’m not letting it endure. I’m thankful that it’s the 1st of February and I’ve mentally drawn a line over whatever has caused this malaise. I’m taking a different focus going forward. In doing so it feels personally celebratory. It’s a good reminder to me that the energy we choose to bring makes all the difference.

Actually as I type that I want to emphasise that incredibly fundamental point…

The energy we choose to bring makes all the difference.

Maybe you’ve got what you need right now. If not maybe have a think about what a different energy might help you create. Just a thought.

In the meantime this video is helping me and making me smile. Maybe it will for you too?



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