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Why should I share with you?

The skylarks sing so bright, a joy to behold. It enriches my day.
So why should I share them with you?

Thinking, critique, solutions & discoveries. Investments I make in being better than I am.
So why should I share them with you?

My life, my challenges, my vulnerability. The stuff that matters deeply to me and to those who love me.
So why should I share them with you?

My attention, my time, my effort to hear & understand well. Fundamental to who I am & the work that I do.
So why should I share them with you?

It’s easy to give and to take but I ask…

Did I ever think about what it costs you – your consumption?

Did you ever think about what it costs me – my sharing?

What’s a fair trade? Did we ever consider that? Or was that for me to propose?

Did we think that consuming what others share freely was a fair trade? Where else do we do that in real life I wonder?

It just makes me question why should I share with you?

Because if that answer can’t be given and given meaningfully then the future we face is bleak… One of drowning in content, one of freeloading or one of monetised content. Not a lot social about that is there? Yet maybe that’s exactly where we are…

About David Goddin

Passionate about People, Performance & Potential. Amongst many other things David Goddin is a consultant, coach, facilitator & mentor with extensive experience of transforming business performance and organisational effectiveness as a Senior Executive in large organisations. As the founder and Managing Director of Change Continuum, David now works with companies and business professionals who want to increase performance, accelerate change & unleash potential.


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