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Small moments

Small moments fill a lifetime. Moments we capture and hold on to, tightly, even if we don’t quite realise that we do.

We don’t recall what preceded or followed in as much clarity, if at all. The focus of any clear memory is usefully narrow.

These are pivotal yet small pinpoints in time.

For all that we remember, such moments matter because they anchor us in who we are today. They don’t define us but they are part of our journey to here. Waypoints in our past. You may not have even thought of them recently. Yet they matter deeply.

Maybe allow yourself some time now to think about what they are for you…

I suspect that the more we think about such small moments, the fewer we realise there actually are. I think that’s as it should be. These are not all that we remember but small moments that matter most; that fill our lifetime. Waypoints in our past.

I suspect we don’t think about these small moments enough. Perhaps the mass of memory gets in the way. Perhaps modern culture colludes to help us look elsewhere. Yet you can’t not remember – you just need to be reminded that you have already remembered…

Small moments fill a lifetime.



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