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Wasn’t it always so?

I get it. Finally.

I’ve known for some time that it’s the case with LinkedIn. Too many agendas. Not enough care. Lots of paper thin. I see the game. It hasn’t changed. It’s just got busier. The players have got better at playing the game. I’ve not seen a demonstrable shift in quality.

But I’ve persevered on Twitter. Until today.

Increasingly it seems Twitter is heading the same way as LinkedIn. The conversational spaces are less safe. The cliques are more cliquey. The noise is increasing. The paper thin is alive and well. The players are playing the game. Power is apparent in those who can wield it – more so than on LinkedIn I’d say.

Maybe it was always so. But I get it. Finally.

Perhaps the saving grace is that we can quickly tune, retune & refine our following on Twitter in ways it seems we can’t so easily on LinkedIn. Even so, Twitter is never going to be a place where conversation can be passionately deep or really challenging. That needs a more human space and more genuine connection.

Wasn’t it always so?


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