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Give up on what you stand for?

Give up on the process. Sometimes abandonment is truly a better and more effective process.

Give up on the approach. If it’s taking you to the wrong place then it’s not what you need anyway.

Give up on the barricaded doors. People shut doors for a reason. They barricade themselves behind doors for even deeper reasons.

Give up on knowing it all. Knowledge beguiles us into thinking our view is complete. So much more sits out of our sight behind corners and beyond the horizon.

Give up on destructive interactions. Dialogues develop and change. Care and challenge creates legacies and constructs our future.

Give up on people? Yes, maybe. It’s so often not in our nature but there are occasions when it is best or when we must. Just don’t forget nothing is forever – people change.

Give up on what you stand for?

Could you? Should you? In fact, can you?

Questions for you and you alone in this life. All I’d ask you is, from your deepest knowing, to consider…

Do you actually know what you stand for and does it truly come from a good place?


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