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A noticing

We have experienced. We think we remember. What has happened is known to us, or so we believe. Our rememberances can indeed change and alter but even then it is fixed… The past is written, somewhere, always.

And so.

We have this experience. We have this knowing. We have expectations. So we imagine our futures, or so we think. The inevitability and probability of things merge into our hopes, expectations, dreams and the utterness of the possible. Anything can happen. Surely.

Yet, “anything” is coloured by the depths of what has happened and our imagined foresight of what will happen. A┬áseduction that tints our knowing of those those vast empty spaces – the past and the future.

So what about now? In this small moment in our time. What is happening right now? Do you see?

Of course by the time you notice the present it is the past so what I really mean is your experience in this moment. A noticing.

Do you notice what is happening? Do you sense and feel it? Do you make your noticing know?

It’s a challenge.

So challenge yourself to notice the moment. To understand the present and what is happening now, in this moment, in this very small space in time. How might it inform your future?


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