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Social froth

The worst thing about Twitter is that it unintentionally creates lots of froth which can cover the true value & meaning of any substance.

Sometimes pure excitement agitates the surface. Shiny! Fantastic! So good!

Sometimes pure quantity seems to inflate the substance. Things look bigger and more important on their own.

Sometimes the froth is mostly all there is in the first place. A canyons echo…

We know froth is not the same as substance but sometimes froth is quite appealing.

Sometimes froth gives the sense of understanding what is beneath without realising that you don’t. You just think you do.

Unintentionally Twitter does this. Actually, I say unintentionally but isn’t the very nature of sharing and retweeting always going to create social froth? It comes with the territory for all sorts of good and bad reasons. Interactions and social sharing can convey a great deal. They can also cover the true value and meaning of any substance with social froth.

So what happens when the froth assuages the appetite when perhaps we should be feasting on the substance? I think all we can do is notice and connect to what we really need ourselves. Social froth is here to stay.

What do you think?

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