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#SharingReading – What’s been your article of the week?

Throughout 2015, every Friday as an end of week inquiry, a curiosity if you like, I tweeted the question “What’s been your article / paper of the week?“. I had no expectation of a response or  even a conversation – it was just a question I put out there. Some people found it a useful prompt and an opportunity to reflect. Personally, I found it to be interesting, not as a “thing” or a weekly event per se but just to openly inquire and appreciate what people chose to share.

Today I thought it would be interesting to resurrect my weekly inquiry using the hashtag #SharingReading, simply asking…

“What’s been your article of the week?”

…and then to curate the responses here (see below). If this is useful & interesting I might continue to curate a weekly list here, so let me know! In the meantime, here’s what people shared with me today.

Articles of the week 7th October 2016

Sukh Pabial

The Law of Arms (shared by myself)

Ethical decision-making: eight perspectives on workplace dilemmas (shared by Andrew Jacobs)

Mark Hendy

#OD – Nothing but pragmatic (by David D’Souza)

Stephen Hart

Academic Insights on Resistance to #OrgChange: Part I

Jon Bartlett

I Went To My Own Digital Funeral

Written evidence submitted by George Monbiot (about the future of the British environment after #Brexit)

Julie Drybrough

Listening loudly, a lost art? (by Kandy Woodfield)

A Book Is a Heart That Only Beats in the Chest of Another (from Brain Pickings)

Kandy Woodfield

What I learnt about disruptive co-creation of the health and care system at Stanford Medicine X (by Helen Bevan)

Sarah Storm

How the education gap is tearing politics apart


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