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Question less? #WOL

I’m working out loud on some thinking here. It’s refining itself as I spend more time with it. I’m not sure what I will do with it. I know it needs others’ eyes now. If there’s something you can or want to add, please do so. I’d be interested to see what this provokes.

Trust & Distrust

We inhabit a world where increasingly it seems that we must question everything. The diversity of this ever expanding, ever connecting place creates many truths and realities that challenge us and what we believe. Yet as humans it seems that we are not well prepared for this scale of multiplicity…

What we trust becomes what others question.

What others question challenges us.

What challenges us we distrust.

What we distrust we feel we must question.

In a way, to question everything in of itself is a source and a product of distrust. So even though it seems that we must, does it truly help to question everything? Are there more constructive and productive alternatives open to us?

Our human limits

Multiple truths and realities are a function of others’ different perspectives and experiences. We can always try to understand but to understand everything is futile.

Doesn’t that mean we have to accept difference? Doesn’t that mean we have to accept that other truths exist for others?

Where we have the will, we can explore and appreciate such differences in groups if the space is right. Many won’t.

Where we have the will, we can explore and appreciate the thinking of others if the intent is right. Many won’t.

Where we have the will, we can explore and appreciate evidence if the approach is right. Many won’t.

We can always try but many won’t.

Question less?

We mustn’t stop standing up for what we believe in but perhaps life is actually too short for us to question everything?

Do we need to question less?

I struggle to say it but perhaps we actually do in a sense. More accurately perhaps we don’t need to question everything but focus our questions (and appreciation) on what truly impacts our lives and the lives of those who matter to us…

Both let go more and focus more.

Be curious but not blindly stretched so as to be paper thin.

Be more accepting rather than challenging of difference.

Seek to understand but accept that multiple truths exist.

We shouldn’t ever be questionless but perhaps we would create more value if we questioned less?

It’s a question. A sensing. A notion perhaps.

I’m working out loud. What are your thoughts?


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