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Leaders: Are you getting the most from Social Media?

My latest post over on Passle was prompted by a piece recently published by Darren Caveney, who describes his insights from undertaking social media reviews in organisations.

My Passle post explores the question of if and how leaders are reviewing what they are doing (or could be doing) on social media. This links in to recent pieces I’ve written here :

How are you social as a leader… on Social Media?

How is your leadership… on Social Media?

(Twitter) Personality Insights

You can read the full piece and the article from Darren Caveney here.

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Passionate about People, Performance & Potential. Amongst many other things David Goddin is a consultant, coach, facilitator & mentor with extensive experience of transforming business performance and organisational effectiveness as a Senior Executive in large organisations. As the founder and Managing Director of Change Continuum, David now works with companies and business professionals who want to increase performance, accelerate change & unleash potential.


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