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Honouring others

My whole family are big fans of of the TV series “Parks and Recreation“. So much so in fact that we’ve delayed watching the final episodes of the last ever season until this week. We just didn’t want it to end… I don’t want give details (spoilers) but the series ending is a beautifully crafted piece honouring key individuals. Watching those last 2 shows have finally prompted this writing which I’ve had in my head for some time now. I also have a blog post in my head on Ron Swanson and leadership but that can wait.

This is about honouring others. By that I mean recognising the contribution others have made to you, your work, your learning, your journey.

Honouring others

There’s been lots written about recognising and giving recognition to those who got you here, from “standing on the shoulders of giants” right thorough to “gratitude visits“. In my own language I think of it as an honouring of those who helped you to get here. Honouring others.

With the  advent of social media, online gaming and more, we seem to be increasingly sharing and learning and exchanging at pace. And I wonder if we are honouring others in that?

It’s not uncommon to see a “source” quoted or referenced in a tweet e.g. HT or via on Twitter. Facebook is full of sharing. Even on the mess that is LinkedIn people acknowledge and “share” others content. Yet it doesn’t always happen. Some people seem to never do so. Everyone attributes in their own way, which is just fine. You choose. You live with it.

But honouring others for me is more than just attribution.

I recognise that there are people in these online spaces who are contributing to me, to my work, to my learning, to my journey. It may be a trickle over time but it may also be a particular & significant moment. It may be friendship or just connection. We may agree or disagree. But it’s many and it’s more than my #PLN.

Having worked as a consultant for the last 10 years there are many people that I’ve encountered professionally that I’ve come to know, to work with, to choose never to work with, to become friends with. All contributing to me, to my work, to my learning, to my journey.

And with the benefit of age, I can see throughout my career people who have got me here. They’ve contributed to me, to my work, to my learning, to my journey.

I’m sure it’s similar for you too.

I feel that I honour them in my mind and in my memory of them. If the opportunity &/or inclination presents itself I will share personally how they’ve helped me. If that doesn’t happen I will still honour them in my memory of them. I wish them well now and for their future. A bit like in the end of “Parks and Recreation” but just in my mind.

But I come back to our online spaces and I wonder if I’m honouring others in a similarly meaningful way? Can I recognise those who got me here through those light touches and simple exchanges, through those debates and conversations?

I’m not sure. Maybe I am already. Maybe we just can’t in the same way.

And I wonder if I’m honouring others in that?


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