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David Goddin

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Feedback is not a gift

Unsurprisingly, I’m a big advocate of feedback. The perspectives of others, especially from those that truly care, adds something to our understanding that we just can not add ourselves. There is indeed something giving in feedback which is possibly why feedback is often described as a gift. But… … I’ve yet to hear a contributor … Continue reading

LDInsight: A personal learning network of: 3128

Originally posted on L&D connect:
Welcome to our first blog post of 2017, written by Craig Kaye. This is the first in a short series of blogs from people who are passionate about the L&D Connect network and who are happy to share the benefit this brings them. As #ldinsight chats start up…

A Discouraged Man

A man down on earth needs our help. Splendid! Is he sick? No. Worse. He’s discouraged. Even if you’re not familiar with “It’s a Wonderful Life” that short dialogue is so evocative. It speaks to something deeply relevant in our lives – the need for others to lift us up when we need it the most, even … Continue reading

#SharingReading – What’s been your article of the week?

Throughout 2015, every Friday as an end of week inquiry, a curiosity if you like, I tweeted the question “What’s been your article / paper of the week?“. I had no expectation of a response or  even a conversation – it was just a question I put out there. Some people found it a useful prompt and … Continue reading

Social froth

Social froth is here to stay. Continue reading

Challenging Talent

Some people are very good at putting talented people into boxes. As much as you might like or hate that concept it can be useful in many different ways. Some people are very good at seeing how talented people could be put into “boxes” you hadn’t even imagined. Seeing differently tests people differently which is often a really good … Continue reading

Changing Culture

Culture is something we can help shape and craft only if we are willing to work with it’s beautifully complex fluidity. Continue reading

For Coaching & Mentoring

Some years ago a fellow coach and mentor shared a piece of very simple wisdom that has stuck with me ever since. Very simply they offered the nuance between standing for coaching and mentoring as opposed to standing for coaches and mentors. It’s a very subtle and simple difference at first sight. One supports a … Continue reading

A noticing

In this small moment in our time. What is happening right now? Do you see? Continue reading

The music of thought and the silence of understanding.

​ Coaching is the music of thought and the silence of understanding. In that duet we discover anew appreciation, challenge and perspective. However, to be truly transformative, we must let the music and silence move us to action. We must let the appreciation, challenge and perspective play into new and different narratives. Only then will … Continue reading