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Coaching Chats #ICWbites #ICW2016

A short series of bitesize Twitter chats to celebrate International Coaching Week . #ICWbites Continue reading

Where life really lives

On and off since I was a child I’ve enjoyed fishing. A gift from my father. It’s not something that I’ve ever done regularly (or expertly) and I’ve never endured the extremes of discomfort that some do. What I’ve always enjoyed about fishing is the sense of adventure with the application of a little skill … Continue reading

Give up on what you stand for?

Give up on the process. Sometimes abandonment is truly a better and more effective process. Give up on the approach. If it’s taking you to the wrong place then it’s not what you need anyway. Give up on the barricaded doors. People shut doors for a reason. They barricade themselves behind doors for even deeper … Continue reading

Buried Treasure

X marks the spot… or so you think. The map took you to this place but you have to go further. Destination X may seem like the goal but it’s not. Only in two dimensions was it ever. If you want the buried treasure you will have to go deeper. You will have to explore another, … Continue reading

How our comfort zone limits us

This week’s earlier post on “Why do we Blog not Vlog?” brought about a range of interesting and informed responses including a few short videos on Vine, YouTube & Periscope. There’s lots of rich thinking there so please do go back and digest. My overwhelming sense of the answer to my question is linked to comfort zones. … Continue reading

Leadership Development for Leadership Teams

With all the focus on the development of individual leaders, it seems that so much of what matters in organisations gets missed from many Leadership Development programmes. That is working well together as a team. Sure there may be something about Belbin or a team activity welded into a Leadership Development programme but it’s often … Continue reading

Spaceship cleaners & really useless narratives

Twice yesterday I heard that apparently inspirational tale of the janitor at NASA who told Kennedy he was “helping to put a man on the Moon”. The more I hear it the less I believe it. In fact I think there’s something a little deceitful about the narrative if not just plain useless. I had quite a … Continue reading


My career so far has been eclectic and rewarding. I’ve cut roses in the desert. I’ve taught English to the mafia. I’ve cleaned the carpets of sheikhs. I’ve even paid Madonna for her music. Eight years ago today I accidentally left my job as a COO in a large international bank. There was some deliberateness … Continue reading

We all deserve to be heard

I believe we all deserve to be heard, especially by ourselves. You know, that moment when you speak something and realise… …just how fundamentally important that statement is to you; or …just how wrong you’ve been about the thinking you’ve been holding tight; or …just what that feeling you’ve been carrying with you is all … Continue reading

There is always time for what is worthwhile

So week three of daily blogging and it appears I’ve not run out of things to write about. Even on the busiest of days there is always time to pen something that feels worthwhile. Something to remember perhaps. Anyway I hope you the reader have been enjoying this weeks fare… Brilliantly Flawed – an insight into my … Continue reading